Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is this? What does your organization do?

Who are the "Angels"?

Whom do you help?

What kind of help do you provide?

"Help" is a broad word. What are your guidelines and limitations?

Is there a huge need for this? Isn't this what friends and family are for?

I really like this idea. How do I become an Angel (participate)?

More About Us

Angels? Is this a religious group or a Church project?

Our Guiding Principles (coming soon)



Brotherhood (We are all in this together)

Equality (We are all equal, regardless of our circumstances)

Our Vision (coming soon)

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Angels? Is this a religion-based charity?


No. Well, not in any traditional sense. The term 'Angel' is used to imply the magical, benevolent, heroic qualities that are often associated with the image of an angel. Our Founder believes that all of us are Angels, when we act angelically. We do so, when we make loving, giving choices. Within this context, it is neither necessary to believe that Angels really exist, or have any religious affiliation whatsoever.

We seek to habituate people being more selfless, and making helping others a more regular part of their daily lives - regardless of any attribute of their persona or belief system.

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  ... and then, Angels descended.

PO Box 40700

Pasadena CA  91114-7700


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