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Welcome to a fresh and powerful vision of the future of volunteering.

This is a new vision, with a unique purpose - that seems unfilled by current NPOs/NGOs. We seek to launch an organized Army of Angels... and spark a worldwide movement of micro-volunteerism.

In a global world of tightening resources and economic contraction - it's too easy to forget that we have so much more to offer each other than $$$.

It's also too easy to forget how the small things, can make a huge impact on someone.

Imagine, an online database of Angels (volunteers) we all can call on, to connect humanity together, to help each other, in small but tangible ways... right from our computer screens.

​Here is a clip of our founder, sharing the story behind the idea that birthed our organization.


the story

behind the idea ...

"and then, Angels descended" is in the process of becoming an officially recognized non-profit entity, to operate as a 501(c)(3) corporation. Our tax-exempt status is pending with the IRS.

While the basis for our missions are not monetary in nature, our charter will seek donations to support leadership training, the building of scalable infrastructure, outreach, awareness, and general operating.

To learn more about who we are, check out our Board of Directors page.

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