Our Board of Directors

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Founder, Managing Director

Trevor, 34, has a life path to-date, that's remarkable for its deviance from convention. His first career, thrusted him into TV child-star status by the age of 12... now often being referred to as "a 90's icon" for his regular role on a kids sitcom. Despite his resounding success in the acting world, Trevor left the business at his career's pinnacle, choosing to pursue other paths outside the lens of a movie camera, that he felt would hold more meaning for him.

He didn't prescribe to the idea that he needed to pursue a singular

focus of study - to find work and a life of meaning and purpose.

On the contrary, he felt that broad exposure to the world, through working in many industries, would bring him the universal knowledge he sought. As an intentional generalist, he became a Flight Attendant for a major int'l airline, travelling the world while observing interpersonal behavior and foreign cultures along the way.

Through his accrued experiences in the traditional work force, with other jobs ranging from Security Guard to Mortgage Broker, he discovered that his strongest passion - was educating & inspiring others.

Whether it be to improve their health, motivation, or their self-esteem,

he found deep meaning in helping others accomplish the things

they struggled to accomplish alone.

He would eventually discover, that it was a calling.

Later, he gained valuable experience in non-profit management, having served as a volunteer, for 3 years, in numerous and ground-breaking capacities for an educational men's NPO.

Trevor holds licenses for everything from Commercial Truck Driving, to Amateur Ham Radio Operator, to Notary Public, to Motorcycles, to

Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant. He's an avid beekeeper, vocalist and musician.

When he's not working for the movement, you'll find him in

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice, or on a hike in the forest,

with his amazing four-legged companion,

Lance Corporal Jake, "The Piranha", U.S. Puppy Corps (off-duty).

To learn about the hard-to-believe series of events that led to the idea and creation of our movement, click here (coming soon). 


Williams, Ph.D

Interim Treasurer

Bio coming soon.


Del Toro, PA

Bio coming soon.

William J.

McAulay, MSL

William, 39, is a former native Michigander, graduated with Honors from Walden University, with a BS/BA in Information Technology, holding a graduate degree in Master of Science in Leadership, with a concentration in Innovation & Technology.

When approached to join the board, he jumped at the chance to unfold

his wings and assist in the growth of Trevor's vision.

He is an avid gamer and enjoys his PS2, PS3 and computer games.

(Click here to see a TED Talk video on how the power of gaming can add hours to your life!)

On occasion, you'll see him reading a variety of books, and perusing the internet researching everything from nail-biting to Crohn's disease.

When he's not working at one of the fastest growing tech companies in California, he spends time with his partner of 3½ years and his dogs

Laverne & Shirley. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.



Gary, 51 is formerly from the Northeast US (Connecticut) and now lives with his partner in British Columbia, raising hopes, dreams, their son and foster daughter, two dogs, Maggie and Rufus and the cat Princess…

Gary has been a computer programmer and software consultant for both large corporations and non-profits, a web designer and technician, plus a few other things here and there. He now creates and sells art, consults, and mines deep for empathy within the hearts of others (not to mention his own).

When asked to join the board, Gary said yes without hesitating, inspired by Trevor's vision and finding it remarkably congruent with what he sees the potential of social media to truly make a deep and real difference in a person's life…

Gary's favourite quote:

"Shared joy is increased and shared pain lessened; thus we refute the law of entropy"      --Spider Robinson